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Special Prices for Sierra Leone


SLWS will sell its books to the public in Sierra Leone at the rock-bottom prices given below so that majority of the people can afford.

SLWS authors including editors and contributors of poems, short stories and book chapters will receive a discount of Le10,000 per book for any number of books they wish to buy.

Booksellers and SLWS agents buying at least 5 copies of any SLWS book will receive a discount of Le10,000 per copy.

The printing price of a book is determined by its size, paper colour and number of pages. So you'll see slight differences in book prices. We don't distinguish between quality and type of book. We want the books to be generally affordable.

We encourage authors and other booksellers to offer the books at the recommended SLWS prices in order to create a perfect market system for SLWS books in Sierra Leone.

Please note that ROYALTIES to authors are not paid on author-discounted books.

These special prices are only for Sierra Leone. SLWS has a specific minimum-profit-cost-recovery mission for Sierra Leone.

A book that goes for $10 (Le75,000) on Amazon may go for only Le30,000 ($4) in Sierra Leone.

πŸ‘‡πŸΎπŸ‘‡πŸΎ Current Stock of SLWS Books - June 30, 2017 πŸ‘‡πŸΎπŸ‘‡πŸΎ

#Book TitleAuthorSize In InchPagesTypeRSP Price
1 A Survey of Sierra Leonean English Momodu Turay 6.1x9.2 250 Research Text Le68,000
2 Let Us Learn Limba John-Paul Conteh 6x9 104 Language Le44,000
3 My Afro-Canadian Chronicle Bakar Mansaray 6x9 264 Autobiography Le70,000
4 A Call Celia Eva Beatrice Thompson 5.5x8.5 106 Poem Le38,000
5 Saved by Grace Lady Kadijatu Grace Ahene 5.2x8 106 Religious Le34,000
6 A Woman to Emulate Sophie Allieu 5.2x8 134 Novel Le36,000
7 Contemporary Fireside Stories edited by Philip Y Thulla and Fatou Taqi 5.2x8 196 Short Stories Le42,000
8 Fragile Rights Frederick Bobor James 5.2x8 150 Play Le40,000
9 Anatomy of Love Gbanabom Hallowell 5.5x8.5 106 Poem Le38,000
10 The Fate of the Foetus Mohamed Gibril Sesay 5.2x8 124 Novel Le35,000
11 Contemporary Fireside Poem edited by Fatou Taqi and Philip Yamba Thulla 6x9 224 Poems Le64,000
12 She Survived The Journey Memuna Barnes 6x9 524 Memoir Le125,000
13 Kinship Bonds Shek Gibril Kamara 5.2x8 176 Culture and Traditions Le39,000
14 SOSO PAREBUL Daphne Pratt 6x9 146 Krio proverbs Le52,000
15 Common Enemy edited by Brian Sitta Kargbo 5.5x8.5 110 Poems Le40,000
16 A New Disease Frederick Bobor James 5.2x8 221 Novel Le42,000
17 We are Not Our Fathers Joseph Lamin Kamara 5.2x8 152 Novel Le36,000
18 Hungry Vultures Abdulai Walon-Jalloh 5.2x8 104 Play Le32,000
19 Voices and Passions Abdulai Walon-Jalloh 5.5x8.5 86 Poems Le38,000
20 War Politics and Justice in West Africa Lansana Gberie 6x9 390 Research Text Le90,000
21 The Art of the Lonely Wanderer Gbanabom Hallowell 5.5x8.5 110 Poems Le40,000
22 A Suitcase Full of Dried Fish and other Stories Bakar Mansaray 5.2x8 212 Short Stories Le42,000
23 Don't Call me Elvis and Other Poems Gbanabom Hallowell 6x9 162 Poems Le54,000
24 Leoneanthology: Contemporary Short Stories and Poems edited by Gbanabom Hallowell 6x9 344 Short Stories and Poems Le84,000
25 Manscape in the Sierra: New and Collected Poems Gbanabom Hallowell 6x9 272 Poems Le72,000
26 At The Gathering of Roads Mohamed Gibril Sesay 5.2x8 92 Poems Le32,000
27 Along the Peal of Drums Ambrose Massaquoi 5.5x8.5 130 Poems Le40,000
28 Telling It As It Was: The Career of a Sierra Leonean Woman in Public Service Umu Kultumi Tejan-Jalloh 6x9 362 Poems Le85,000
29 Fire From Timbuktu: A Dialogue with History Karamoh Kabba 5.5x8.5 156 Research Text Le50,000
30 Along the Odokoko River Ahmed Koroma 6x9 106 Poems Le45,000
31 In the Belly of the Lion -- An Anthology of new Sierra Leonean Short Stories edited by Gbanabom Hallowell 6x9 230 Short Stories Le65,000
32 Development Democracy & Cohesion Yusuf Bangura 6x9 402 Research Text Le95,000
33 This Side of Nothingness Mohamed Gibril Sesay 5.2x8 184 Novel Le40, 000
34 The Road to Kaibara Gbanabom Hallowell 5.2x8 268 Novel Le45,000
35 The Edge of a Cry Oumar Farouk Sesay 5.5x8.5 116 Poem Le40, 000
36 Landscape of Memories Oumar Farouk Sesay 6x9 218 Novel Le63,000
37 Youthful Yearnings Jedidah A. O. Johnson 5.5x8.5 178 Novel Le52,000
38 Dilemma of Freedom - A Diary From Behind Rebel Lines in the Sierra Leone Civil War Bailah Leigh 6x9 370 Memoir Le88,000
39 A Pillar of the Community Eustace Palmer (Doc P.) 5.5x8.5 204 Novel Le55,000
40 Morquee -- The Political Drama of Wish over Wisdom Karamoh Kabba 5.5x8.5 116 Novel Le40,000
41 Unknown Destination Abdul B Kamara 5.5x8.5 250 Memoir Le65,000
42 Hybrid Eyes - Reflections of an African in Europe Osman Sankoh Mallam O 6x9 138 Memoir Le50,000
43 Singing in Exile and The Child of War Sheikh Umarr Kamarah 6x9 126 Poems Le48,000
44 Beg Sol Noba Kuk Sup - An Anthology of Krio Poetry edited by Sheikh Umarr Kamarah and Marjorie Jones 5.1x7.8 130 Poems  Le35,000
45 Beautiful Colours - Reflections on the problem of racism Osman Sankoh (Mallam O) 5.1x7.8 80 Social Commentary Le34,000
46 The Road to Kenema Samuel Hinton 5.8x8.3 100 Poems Le43,000
47 Redemption Song Yema Lucilda Hunter 6x9 216 Novel Le62,000
48 Sierra Leone Since Independence - History of a Postcolonial State Joe AD Alie 6x9 298 Research Text Le74,000
49 The Visa Mohamed Combo Kamanda 5.8x8.3 84 Play Le40,000
50 In Search of Sons J Sorie Conteh 7x10 210 Novel Le61,000
51 The Ghosts of Ngaingah Michael Fayia Kallon 5.8x8.3 130 Novel Le48,000
52 Family Affairs J Sorie Conteh 5.2x8 196 Novel Le42,000
53 Layila Kakatua wan bi Lisa Winston Forde 5.2x8 34 Play Le26,000
54 Manners Maketh Man - Adventures of a Bo School Boy Siaka Kroma 5.2x8 110 Memoir Le33,000
55 The Price and other Short Stories from Sierra Leone edited by Mohamed Combo Kamanda 5.2x8 84 Short Stories Le31,000
56 From the Land of Diamonds to the Isle of Spice Sigismond Tucker 6x9 218 Memoir Le62,000
57 Tiger Fist Nnamdi Carew 5.1x7.8 122 Science fiction Le33,000
58 Joy Came in the Morning Yema Lucilda Hunter 6x9 186 Novel Le56,000
59 Primary & Secondary Education in Sierra Leone - Evaluation of more than 50 years of Practices and Polices Ebenezer 'Solo' Collier 6x9 112 Research Text Le45,000
60 Gbomgbosoro Gbanabom Hallowell 5.2x8 84 Short Stories Le30,000
61 Tales from the Fireside Siaka Kroma 6x9 206 Short Stories Le61,000
62 The Road to Jamaica Syl Cheney-Coker 6x9 80 Poems Le42,000
63 Looking Back - My Life and Times Dr Sama Banya 6x9 486 Autobiography Le105,000
64 Ponder My Thoughts - Vol. 1 Andrew Keili 6x9 240 social commentary Le65,000
65 Nanna Yema Lucilda Hunter 5.2x8 260 Novel Le45,000
66 An African Treasure - In Search of Gladys Casely-Hayford 1904-1950 Yema Lucilda Hunter 6x9 226 A Biography Le64,000
67 Transformation in Transition George Coleridge-Taylor 6x9 176 Memoir Le56,000
68 Ayo Ayo Ayo and other Love Songs Moses Kainwo 5.5x8.5 140 Poems Le48,000
69 Broken Metaphor Oumar Farouk Sesay 5.5x8.5 142 Poems Le40,000
70 Waves of Raining Mind Mohamed Bangura 5.2x8 106 Poems Le34,000

πŸ‘†πŸΎπŸ‘†πŸΎ Current Stock of SLWS Books -- June 30, 2017 πŸ‘†πŸΎπŸ‘†πŸΎ

All SLWS Books are available at:

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