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SLWS Policies

Please note that the details on this page provide the basis for a memorandum of understanding between SLWS and our authors. Approach us only after reading, understanding and agreeing to the terms and conditions we have provided here.

The SLWS contract is what this page contains.

SLWS Policy - General Issues

SLWS will primarily publish Sierra Leonean Writers but will also publish writers of all nationalities whose books address issues, themes and concepts that are Sierra Leonean. If in doubt, please contact the Publisher.

  1. SLWS will publish first-time and established authors.

  2. All authors must submit a book proposal. Information is provided below. We do not proceed without a book proposal.
  3. SLWS will commission manuscripts, especially for textbooks for schools and tertiary institutions. In this case, SLWS will provide support to commissioned authors.

  4. SLWS will publish books for schools, colleges, universities and for the general public.

  5. Through our partnerships with CreateSpace, SLWS books are available on AMAZON. We use other distributors who sell our books globally.

  6. We primarily print-on-demand. However, we try to stock copies in bookshops, especially SLWS Bookshops in Sierra Leone.    

  7. SLWS books are promoted on this website and on (inter)national book exhibitions, listservs and libraries.

  8. We cannot provide financial support for book launches in Sierra Leone. However, we can provide logistical support and tips.

  9. SLWS wishes to acknowledge the core support from the Mallam O. & Jariatu Sankoh Foundation

SLWS Policy - Book Proposal

  1. Authors are encouraged to kindly ask colleagues and friends to read and comment on their manuscripts including the book proposals before submitting any documents to SLWS. Your book proposal is very important. A poorly written book proposal may cause an excellent book manuscript to be rejected.
  2. All authors of any project meant for SLWS must submit a book proposal which can be downloaded by clicking on this red link.
  3. The book proposal will be reviewed by the SLWS Editorial Board. If a full manuscript is already available, it is important to attach it to the book proposal to speed up the review process.
  4. An SLWS editor will be assigned to the book. The manuscript will undergo peer-review in the case of non-fictional manuscripts such as textbooks and academic work. The author will be obliged to revise the work based on comments and give evidence of how the comments have been addressed. This rigorous review process is intended to ensure that SLWS books maintain international academic standards.

Submitting a Book Manuscript to SLWS

In order to reduce cost of production, SLWS requires a camera-ready manuscript to be submitted AFTER the review and editing processes. Templates are therefore provided below. SLWS will charge for typesetting of technical, scientific texts if the author cannot submit a typeset manuscript.

  • For NOVELS and POETRY, please download this WORD TEMPLATE1
  • For SHORT STORIES, please down this WORD TEMPLATE2
  • For all other books, please contact the SLWS Publisher for guidance.

Publication Cost

  1. There is NO COST to be published in SLWS, especially if the book is NOT a technical, scientific one.
  2. For technical books whose edited manuscripts can be submitted to our specifications, there will be no cost. Where SLWS must typeset the manuscript, it will attract a cost. Please contact the publisher.
  3. Authors of accepted book manuscripts must commit to buying a minimum of 10 copies of their books at a 50-60% discount and pay for their shipping. Production shall commence only after payment of the minimum buybacks

Additional Costs

  1. Copyediting: SLWS can assist with an in-house copyeditor. If substantial editorial work is required, authors must negotiate with the copyeditor and pay for the service directly. Our experience is, this costs between $150-$200.
  2. Authors who think that their work doesn't require copyediting must show written evidence that the manuscript has been seen by a language editor.

Ordering copies on a print-on-demand (POD) basis

  1. SLWS publishes based on a Print-on-Demand basis only. That is, authors are no longer required to commit to buying huge quantities of their books before the books are published. Only a minimum of 10 copies must be ordered before production of the edited manuscript can start.
  2. SLWS shall give one free copy of a published book to the author of a book or an editor of an anthology of short stories or poems or plays we have commissioned.
  3. All other contributors to an anthology shall not be given free copies of the book. Contributors however qualify for an author's discount if they order the books from SLWS directly.
  4. SLWS authors may be given discounts when buying their own books.
  5. Please note that SLWS will order books from Kenya, USA and UK, depending on where it is most reasonable to do so at a time. We do not have control over delivery times. CreateSpace/Amazon will determine cost of shipping depending on the speed chosen. The publisher can assist and give examples. Please ensure that you bring along time and patience when ordering books. We are trying to have the facility to print in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Payment of royalties to authors

  1. SLWS does not get royalties on discounted books. These are books which an author buys through SLWS. Hence SLWS shall not pay royalties to authors on these purchases.
  2. SLWS will be paid royalties by its distributor CreateSpace based on net sales. Out of these amounts paid to SLWS, SLWS shall pay 60% to the author. For example, if CreateSpace pays a royalty of $100 for a half-year for book X, SLWS shall pay the author $60 for that half-year.
  3. Royalties shall be reported on and paid in July for the January-June period and in January for the July-December period. 
  4. Any royalty amount below $100 shall not be paid for that period. This shall be added to the next reporting period until the amount is $100 or above. However, an author may decide to receive copies of his books in lieu of money paid out.
  5. For edited volumes involving several editors and/or several contributing authors such as anthologies of short stories, poems and plays: (a) 60% of the net royalty of an edited Book shall be paid to the editor or the lead editor where there are more than one editors on behalf of the contributors. SLWS shall not deal directly with the contributing authors; and (b) From March 2016: All contributing editors and authors must confirm in writing their acceptance of this policy before publication.
  6. SLWS is run in a transparent and accountable manner. Please focus on your writing while we handle all other issues on your behalf. You shall be paid what you deserve and when it is due. If you wish to make a living out of writing books, you must contribute to publicising and selling your books.

Re-issuing published books in SLWS

  1. Books that have already been published elsewhere may be re-issued in SLWS.
  2. All such books must go through our review process starting with a book proposal.
  3. A written confirmation/permission/acceptance from the previous publisher or a termination of contract must be submitted to SLWS.

Co-publishing with SLWS

SLWS encourages co-publishing with publishers based in Sierra Leone or elsewhere. There must be a mutual agreement between SLWS and the co-publisher. The logos of the co-publishers will appear on the books.


  1. Please note that SLWS publishes primarily electronically. That is, when a manuscript has gone through all the processes, it first becomes available on amazom.com and copies of it can be ordered from anywhere in the world. SLWS is not involved in the process of distributing the books ordered directly from Amazon.com. Books purchased from amazon.com attract royalties. Payment made to the publisher by amazon will be reported to the authors.
  2. If orders are made through SLWS, especially by the authors, we can procure the books at a more reasonable price than what is shown on amazon.com. Usually a book that is sold for $15 on amazon.com can be obtained for as low as $4 from the publisher, plus shipping cost. This service is available to authors only. As stated above under royalties, books obtained this way do not attract royalties.
  3. SLWS will consult authors on selling prices of their books in Sierra Leone.
  4. SLWS will print only a few copies of the titles it publishes and use these for promotional purposes only in Sierra Leone.
  5. SLWS reserves the right to select and print reasonable quantities of books which it thinks will sell well in Sierra Leone. These are the books that will be available for sale at SLWS outlets in Sierra Leone. SLWS will inform authors of the quantities of books printed so as to be able to determine royalties that will be paid to authors.
  6. Authors who wish to print large quantities of their books for sale in Sierra Leone should contact the publisher so that arrangement can be made. No royalties can be paid to books bought and sold by their authors.