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Njanguma Momodu



Njanguma S. Momodu, was Born in 1968, at Bumii (Tongo - Air fields) in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone – West Africa. He did his primary and secondary education in Sierra Leone. From 1988-1995, he studied Business, Law and Economics at the Kilburn Polytechnic. He holds a B.A. honours degree from the University of Westminster and a post-graduate degree from the Institute of Education - University of London. His publications include: ‘M’frique’ a poem published in ‘On the Threshold of a Dream’ next there was ‘Roots’ in ‘The Best Poems of 1995’ (both published by the North American Library). Five poems were also published in the Feather Books Publication and ‘Bless You O Tireless Hand’ was published by ‘Still life.’ Other publications include: a collection of fables and myths for children called ‘The five Fingers’ 2012 and his gothic collection of short stories called ‘Daughter of Albino’ was published in 2015. Njanguma is currently editing his forthcoming novel called ‘Yellow Woman’.