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Abdulai Walon-Jalloh

Walon-Jalloh - Hungry Vultures - 2016

Abdulai Walon-Jalloh was born on July 9th 1970 in Freetown. He attended the U.M.C. Ginger Hall Primary School Fattah Rahmann Street, Sierra Leone Muslim Congress Boys’ Secondary School Kissy Mess Mess, Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School Kissy Dock Yard, Fourah Bay College, USL and now at Njala University. Walon-Jalloh the 2016 SLWS award-winning writer has published a poetry collection titled ‘Voices and Passions’ (SLWS 2015), a play ‘Hungry Vultures’ (SLWS 2016) and is a weekly blogger on www.panbodycreations.com. He lectures Syntax and Foundation Studies at Fourah Bay College and is happily married to Marliatu and together they have had five children of which two daughters are deceased.