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Sqn Ldr. Winston Forde


Squadron Leader Winston Forde RAF Ret'd was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He was educated at the Prince of Wales School, and later trained as a Flight Cadet at the Royal Air Force College, Cranwell, and was commissioned on 18 Dec 62 as a pilot officer in the Admin (Sec) Branch. He retired from Regular service in 1994, and as a Squadron Leader in the RAF Reserve worked with cadets of the Air Training Corps as the Wing Executive Officer Headquarters Surrey Wing ATC until February 2010. He is the Author of six books, Air Force Cadet, The Runaway, Airborne Soldiers, Reflections on our Independence, The Story of Mining in Sierra Leone, From Aden to Bliss,    Layila, Kakatua wan bi Lida - a short play in Krio, and has published several articles.

Winston first started writing seriously whilst serving at RAF Khormaksar, Aden in 1965 – 1967, which is fully reflected in his his latest Book – 'From Aden to Bliss.' His immediate inclination is to write for a young mind, books that are capable of equal entertainment for adults alike. After the inevitable self examination in an autobiography that was never published, he moved on to write Air Force modelled on his own life, and has gone on top write stories of fiction, but based on real life situations. He is yet to venture into penning a serious Novel. One exception to this is his book providing The Story of Mining in Sierra Leone. He would have read Geography at Bristol University, England, if rejected by the Royal Air Force, and this book arose from his keen interest in the natural resources of his country from the perspective of a Geography Scholar.


In 'From Aden to Bliss' he has attempted to conquer various African cultural taboos using his own personal experience, and seems to cater more for the older reader this time!