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Singing in Exile and the Child of War

Singing in Exile and the Child of War

About the book


This collection of poems examines the causes of the African (Sierra Leonean) condition, evaluates the African immigrant?s situation in the West, hints at the role and culpability of corporate West in African wars and woes, and concludes that African must ultimately assume the responsibility of rebuilding their continent.


About the author


Prof. Sheikh Umarr Kamarah is a Sierra Leonean Professor of English and Linguistics at Virginia State University in the United States of America. He earned an HTC from Milton Margai Teachers College, now Milton Margai College of Education and Technology, a B.A.(Hons) in English from Fourah Bay College, an M.A. in Linguistics from the University of Leeds, and a Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Sheikh Umarr Kamarah has served as a Lecturer at Fourah Bay College (USL), and University of Wisconsin at Madison; Assistant Professor at Shaw University, and Professor at Virginia State University in the US of A. He was a Fulbright Specialist in Applied Linguist in 2011. He has published two volumes of poetry---The Child of War (2000) and Singing in Exile (2002). He has also published A Grammar of Temne (2007) and co-authored Krio: A linguistic introduction (accepted for publication). Sheikh UMarr Kamarah has edited the first Anthology of Krio Poetry being published by the Sierra Leone Writers Series. He has published several book chapters and peer reviewed articles. Professor Kamarah is a Consultant on Language Analysis for the Federal Department of Immigration, Switzerland and for De Taalstudio, a language analysis institution in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is an External Examiner in Linguistics, University of Sierra Leone. He is a member of numerous professional organizations including Linguistic Society of America, Association of Forensic Linguists, International Language and Law Association and African Literature Association. He also serves as a member on the editorial board of the Africana Bulletin, Journal of the University of Sierra Leone and on the editorial board of the Sierra Leone Writers Series (for Literature and Linguistics).

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