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Dilemma of Freedom

Dilemma of Freedom

Following the AFRC coup d´etat in 1997, its removal from government and the reinstatement of the ousted government, Bailah Leigh records the momentous event of the coup in his diary casually and matter-of-factly. This diary however, does not provide tearful confessions or self-pity of one who found himself languishing behind rebel lines. The Diary is rather of a high intellectual and moral quality giving an unaffected and faithful account of Bailah Leigh?s stay in the jungle behind rebel lines following the events of January 6, 1999, recording .what he sees around him, what he hears in the international media, and his own fears and concerns.

This diary is a deeply personal account coming from the frontline without any fake emotions and retrospective self-justifications, virtually as the testimony of a true witness.

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