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Sierra Leone since Independence - History of a Postcolonial State

Sierra Leone since Independence - History of a Postcolonial State

About the book


Sierra Leone Since Independence: History of a Post-Colonial State is a stimulating and informative account of Sierra Leone?s political history from the last years of British rule to the present. The book is essential reading for university, college and senior secondary school students, professionals, politicians, policy-makers, diplomats and the general reader.




This is a timely and comprehensive addition to the growing literature on post-colonial Sierra Leone which had, hitherto, been dominated by political scientists. From start to finish, Joe Alie demonstrates the historian?s craft by keeping his reader captivated with the breath and depth of information provided and by his astute connection of several dots along the way as he skillfully weaves together this turbulent but important part of Sierra Leone?s history. In the end, the reader comes away wondering what might have been the future of Sierra Leone were it not for all the missteps and miscues by the various miscreants identified in the story. This book will definitely be of interest to both academics and development specialists alike.

Prof. Sylvia Ojukutu-Macauley

Truman State University, USA


About the author


Joe A.D. Alie is Professor and Head of the Department of History and African Studies at Fourah Bay College (University of Sierra Leone). He was born in Moyamba. He holds the BA Hons and MA degrees in Modern History from the University of Sierra Leone and a PhD in African History and Certificate in African Studies from the University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA). Professor Alie studied Education at Milton Margai Teachers College and taught in various schools in Sierra Leone. His published textbooks include: An Outline Political History of Sierra Leone 1961-2007, A New History of Sierra Leone, A Guide to Writing College Papers in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Social Studies for Sierra Leone Basic Education Certificate Examination and Sierra Leone Junior Secondary Social Studies/Population Education I ? III


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