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Fragile Rights

Fragile Rights

Every weekday, Njabu drives through the evening rush-hour traffic jam to pick up her two girls from the neighbour's house, take them home, and cook for her husband. Each day, Tom looks forward to coming home to a freshly cooked meal prepared by Njabu and sharing folk stories with their daughters. Family life is not unlike what Njabu's mother said it would be. And then one day Njabu runs into a college mate who is now a household name. Their reunion lasts only a few minutes, but things begin to change.

Can Tom cope with Njabu's new interests? What happens when the couple hit a bump in the road as they struggle over chores? How do they resolve the growing resentment, betrayal and ultimate infidelity? A powerfully insightful play, Fragile Rights creates a strong emotional connection to everyday life that lasts long after the play ends.

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