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Hungry Vultures

Hungry Vultures

Hungry Vultures reveals the lives of normal human beings in a fast ?changing world that is forever ready to accommodate everyone. The story spans three decades in the life of a nation that is torn by avarice and caprice. No one knows what is going to happen next. And when it happens the current reverberates right through the fabric of the nation as everyone is touched. Hungry Vultures catalogues the revealing foibles of human nature against the backdrop of changing fortunes. The play explores the reasons for this.

In the history of Sierra Leone drama something might just be about to happen - a new trend, in theatre houses. This nascent and humble beginning of the rebirth of appropriate drama on the Sierra Leonean stage that would cater for our souls and senses represents the playwright?s debut attempt. This is just the beginning for the playwright, Walon-Jalloh, in his bid to share his craftsmanship in which there is everything to cater for the ultimate satisfaction of the reader and audience.

This play is a work of art worthy of the classroom. It is strongly recommend to the film industry, theatre houses, schools, colleges and the reading public.

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