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Tiger Fist

Tiger Fist

About the book

The Hero's Awakenings Born with the potential to be the strogest and fastest creature to ever walk the Earth, Daniel Washington struggles with the popularity and wealth of his foster father and with the anger that hides a dangerous monster. Five years later, life becomes difficult as Daniel faces his part emerges, Daniel must control himself, and know about the monster in him.


About the author


Nnamdi Carew, author of TIGER FIST ? Two Stories, is a Sierra Leonean boy of fourteen who lives in the Capital, Freetown. He is a student of the Apex International School in the city. After countless hours of storytelling to his younger sibling, Nnamdi realised his potential to write this novella. He hopes to write more books in the future, as a fulltime author. His hobbies are reading, playing video games, and writing. He really hopes to become a role model to other young writers.

Nnamdi says: ?After finding out that people were interested in reading my first book, I decided to write another. What if my hero fought an enemy who had an empire and proved to be nearly invincible? Now that?s a story for young people to read. I hope this book serves as a lesson that on any road to victory, the potholes are always deep. No matter how impossible they seem, it pays to continue to believe in oneself, and maintain full determination.?


Chapter 1: How It All Began


There was once a scientist named Austin Blake, who was known to study about legendary beings that had existed before the human race. He had a wife named Bianca and she was as determined as Austin to find a very clear evidence that these beings existed.

Many people mocked at their great determination because it was widely believed that these ?fantastic creatures? were nothing less than a myth. Austin and Bianca ignored all what was said about them and continued to work and find out about these creatures. They both knew that it was going to take great patience and a lot of work for them.

Well, that was then. Five years later, Austin and Bianca found a fossil of one of the three legendary beings. Austin had found out that the fossil belonged to an Anabulaen, a great creature or being that was said to be a great ancestor of a wolf. It was actually very common in that era of the legendary beings.

Austin then decided to find an evidence of the other two of the legendary beings; Tigerton and Tauren.The ?tigerton? is the enigmatic hybridization between a tiger and a human. The ?tauren? is a close cousin of a Minotaur (half-man and half-bull). Austin brought Bianca, who at that time was six months pregnant. They travelled to China where another of these creatures once lived.

A few months later, Bianca gave birth to a baby boy. The baby placed a smile upon the faces of his two parents. However, neither Austin nor Bianca could think of a name that best suit their baby. But the problem was soon forgotten by the excitement of being very close to find another clear evidence of a Tigerton. What made this creature very unique is that it could live for four thousand years. That means that its kind is still alive to this day.

One day, Austin went deep into the jungle, hoping to find a clue of a Tigerton. He suddenly came to a halt shaking with fright. He saw a giant paw print in the mud but that was not entirely the reason why he was afraid. Right in front of him was a giant creature with all the traits of a tiger, but had the body structure of a very muscular human being.

Austin began to run as fast as he could, but he knew he didn?t have the slightest chance to escape. He also knew that the creature, without doubt, a Tigerton .To his relief, Austin caught sight of his house. He started shouting for help but the Tigerton finally grabbed him and prepared to kill him.

Bianca heard her husband?s cry and immediately rushed to the door. She shrieked in despair as she saw her husband, dead and his whole body was drenched in blood. She then saw the Tigerton, walking towards her. Bianca was stiff with fright. The Tigerton wasted no time killing her in cold-blood.

Suddenly, a loud wail came from the house. The Tigerton soon found Bianca?s baby with its great sense of smelling and hearing. The violent creature was just about to slaughter the baby, but the helpless baby stopped crying, picked up a nearby pebble and threw it at the Tigerton.

The creature realized that the baby wasn?t really afraid of it. So the Tigerton refused to kill the baby, but instead placed its paw over him and murmured an incantation. Then the strangest thing happened. The baby?s tan-coloured skin began to grow orange fur, then a striped tail sprouted and his teeth became razor-sharp canines. The baby now looked like a tigerton cub. The Tigerton smiled and began to play with the cub until the cub transformed back into a human baby.

The Tigerton then left the baby staring over his parent?s bodies, with blue eyes turning yellowish green.

About five minutes later, a young Chinese monk entered the blood-stained house. He had heard the cries for help and followed the sound of the noise, which led him to the house. However the monk was too late. He saw the bodies of Austin and Bianca. Suddenly, the monk heard a baby crying. He found Bianca?s baby, playing with a ball of yarn.

Feeling sorry for the baby, the monk decided to take him to a temple, where he lived. At the temple, the monk told the other monks everything he saw. He also to adopt the baby, even though he had discovered the baby was a hybrid of human and a tiger (a Tigerton) and named him Daniel.

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