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The Visa

The Visa

About the book


The Visa is a lucid, informative, educative and humorous play; it is truly a "travel ticket" into the two cultures: the Western Culture which shocks and transforms many Africans upon their arrival in Europe, and the African culture with its own uniqueness ? you may call it a clash of cultures, races and value systems. The play touches on these issues in a light-hearted manner.


About the author


Dr. Mohamed Combo Kamanda was born at Largo Njasawabu, Kenema District in Eastern Sierra Leone. He attended the Holy Trinity Secondary, Islamic Secondary and Government Secondary Schools in Kenema. He studied English and Geography at Njala University College, USL, from where he graduated with B.A. Education (distinction in Teaching Practice).

From Southampton University in England, he obtained an MAEd degree in Language, Literature and Media Studies and later, a Ph.D. in Language-in-Education. He had taught courses in literature, linguistics and literature teaching methodology at the Department of Language Education, Njala University in Sierra Leone. He is Head of Keystage 3 English at Millbrook Community School in Southampton and has worked as a consultant for development education for the Africa Centre, Department of Peace Studies in Bradford University.

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