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Layila, Kakatua wan bi Lida!!

Layila, Kakatua wan bi Lida!!

About the book

In Layila, Kakatua wan bi Lida, Coolie Forde rehearses some invaluable thoughts on the way forward for post war Sierra Leone. The play highlights the problems of good governance. Through the vision of the main character, Aminata, the Author outlines the role she intends to play as an agent of change in Sierra Leone, which is in line with the Theme of the Commonwealth Lecture 2011 ? ?Women as agents of Change,? delivered by Mrs Sonia Ghandi on 17th March 2011 in London, UK.


About the author


Squadron Leader Winston Forde RAF Ret'd was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He was educated at the Prince of Wales School, and later trained as a Flight Cadet at the Royal Air Force College, Cranwell, UK.  He was commissioned on 18 Dec 62 as a pilot officer in the Admin (Sec) Branch.  After serving both at Home and overseas, he retired from Regular service in 1994, and as a Squadron Leader in the RAF Reserve worked with cadets of the Air Training Corps as the Wing Executive Officer Headquarters Surrey Wing ATC until February 2010. He is the Author of: Air Force Cadet, The Runaway, Airborne Soldiers, Reflections on our Independence, a Trilogy ? Then Came the Wind, A Hiding to Nothing and The Four Picanninies, and A Story of Mining in Sierra Leone. Winston, alias Coolie Forde, and his wife Gloria live in the UK, and have both been local Councillors in South Bedfordshire; they are blessed with a family of 4 grown up children who have produced 10 grand children.

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