Tuesday 27 Jan 2015
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Welcome!   An Academic & General Publisher

1. The Sierra Leonean Writers Series (SLWS) was established by Prof. Osman Sankoh (Mallam O.) in 2001 with the publication of the English editions of his book Hybrid Eyes - Reflections of an African in Europe.


2. SLWS will focus on academic, fictional, non-fictional and scientific writing including textbooks.


3. As the name implies, SLWS will publish books by writers of Sierra Leonean origin only.


4. Authors who approach SLWS must be aware that our primary distribution focus is Sierra Leone. However, we will collaborate with other publishers and distributors to make our books available elsewhere. Authors are expected to contribute to the distribution efforts of SLWS.


5. We are pleased to inform that we now have the facility to make our books available on AMAZON.COM. SLWS authors agree on simultaneous publication of their books as eBooks. 


6. Since our goal is to assist writers of Sierra Leonean origin to publish their work, we are very flexible in publishing arrangements. However, we do not compromise on quality. All manuscripts including books already published elsewhere that are submitted to SLWS must be reviewed by our Editorial Board.


7. Please note that unless we commission the writing of a book or we are convinced to co-finance, authors of unsolicited manuscripts must pay the full cost of the production of their books.


8. Please read our editorial and publication policies before approaching SLWS. A non-refundable processing fee of $250 must be paid AFTER a manuscript has been recommended by the Editorial Board BEFORE any next steps are considered.

First SLWS Bookshop opens at Warima Village in Sierra Leone


We are pleased to announce that the first SLWS Bookshop in Sierra Leone is now selling SLWS books at Warima Village, 11 miles from Masiaka on the Masiaka-Mile 91 highway. Please stop by and buy a book by a writer of Sierra Leonean origin. Click here to see the books available. We will gradually establish SLWS bookshops or collaborate with other bookshops across Sierra Leone where SLWS books can be purchased.


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SLWS eBook Manager

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